ProFile: The Not So Boring Beetle

Client: Self Assignment

Industry: Just For Fun

Application: Amuse My Grandchildren

Banded Alder Boring Beetle

A wildlife photographer I am not. I do not have those monster long lenses nor the patience to sit and wait for hours while a critter comes to where I think it should be and pose. Kudos to those that do!!

But living on ten acres of forest with pond and pastures does mean that sometimes you just cannot ignore what happens right in front of you. From time to time I will post some of these pics.

Above are two Banned Alder Boring Beetles canoodling in my woodpile. They were delightfully oblivious to my splitting wood with mighty blasts from my eight pound splitting maul. So finally I got my camera out to enjoy the show.

This morning Lea and I were having breakfast on the deck, reading our ever-diminishing newspaper when we both said, "Sounds like raccoons around the pond." but with the next sounds of splashing and cavorting we realized our favorite creature, the otter, had arrived to cleanse our pond from crawdads. With binoculars from the deck I realized there were three. A mother and two pups. I made a few images that I will share with another pond creature in a future post. 

But this being a wildlife morning I was not done. Walking from house to studio I noticed our cat Isis, who two weeks ago seemed near death, was sitting intently below one of our plum trees. I walked over, still carrying my camera and watched her. She was so catly nonchalant even when glancing up into the tree - twice. I knew something was up. Walking closer still I noticed a little furry Townsends Chipmunk shaking terribly as it looked down on the cat waiting below.

It was my kind of ideal wildlife photo moment. Nowhere for the critter to go too, lest it become a cat-toy, so I had more than one frame to compose and focus.

Townsends Chipmunk