ProFile: Inn at Morro Bay

Client: Inn at Morro Bay

Industry: Hospitality

Application: Website, Social Media, Printed Matter 

If you have ever remodeled a kitchen, you will immediately understand this post. Some times I arrive to shoot a job, which involves five cases of gear, shuttles, airplanes, rental cars and those life-saving smart carts at airports, only to find the work is not completed and there is very little I can photograph.

News Flash: Construction projects rarely finish on time!

Despite the Skilsaws, paint buckets and scissor lifts, the client deserves a few pictures somewhere, somehow. My first solution was to rent a boat and go out in the harbor to shoot the hotel from the water. This bought a little time to form a plan, which involved sending the assistant for props, food and wine. Back at the property I focused on architectural details where dust could be cleaned and clutter cleared away. We finished the day with the shot below and then of course, we ate the food and sipped the wine!