ProFile: Donna Beverly, Painter

Client: Donna Beverly

Industry: Professional Artist / Instructor

Application: Web, Social Media

While developing my HotShot HeadShot program, it occurred to me that I could use an artist's own artwork as their background. By photographing their painting as its own separate high resolution image, any size painting could become a large digital background. The concept intrigued and excited me. So when Donna Beverly signed up to have her latest paintings photographed, we discussed updating her artist portrait. She selected her painting 'Midday Breeze' and I suggested she pick clothes with colors that were found in the painting.

Like everything else with Donna, we had lots of fun making the portraits, We both cringed at how absolutely ugly the green screen background is, and then marveled once it was stripped away and the painting placed as a photoshop layer behind her.

I love making portraits of artists in their own creative workspace, and have in the past for Donna. And this option of a studio portrait with artists' painting is a great addition to my toolkit and a sweet offering for those who want high quality and great value.