ProFile: Art In Situ

Client: Gabe Babcock

Industry: Art

Application: Self Promotion, Documentation and Archives

The piece above, titled The Redwoods, was created for the Autumn Lights Festival in Oakland, California. " Gabe creates large scale art specifically for a certain location, which is the Latin definition of In situ. The piece above is fifteen feet in diameter, and the glass is etched with 566 growth rings. The buildings were created from salvaged redwood and illuminated with small LED lights.

Here is an excerpt from Gabe's artist statement, "Exploring the natural world around me and focusing on my role within it, I strive to illuminate the tension between nature and humans through art.... ".

It has been a visual treat for me these past few years to document most of Gabe's art installations in city and remote locations from Hood River to Oakland. Do yourself a treat and head over to his site and view his work. Be sure to watch the video showing how he etched the glass for the piece shown here.