ProFile: Are You A Spy?

Client: The Hotel Group

Industry: Hospitality

Application: Marketing, Advertising 


Waiting for the right light can some times be tedious, but not so on this pre-dawn Saturday morning. 

Approaching the marina I realized the long string of headlights were attached to large pickup trucks waiting to put the fishing boats in the water. Oh yeah - it was fall and Saturday morning on the Columbia River -- that meant Salmon fishing. 

After my tripod was set up and the geared head finely tuned to adjust for level and plumb, it was time to sip coffee and wait for the light. Fishermen have rituals and routines and watching them was great fun. They were watching me as well, chatting between boats and occasionally a curious and muffled laugh would rise above the purr of trolling motors.

An older fellow tied his boat up next to the dock I was on and started a bit of aimless chatter. Then he paused and quite solemnly said, 'We're all wondering. You've got that thing pointed at the hotel. Are you a spy?' 

I burst out laughing until I realized, he was serious!