ProFiles: Dundee Fire Station

Client: Baldwin General Contracting

Industry: Construction

Application: Web, Corporate Documentation, Editorial, 

Have you ever noticed that public safety buildings are often built of non flammable materials? There is a reason for that, and it has to do with community safety. We don't want the services that protect us to fail or be compromised by earthquake, fire or flood. Most of the time that means boring, but substantial architecture.

When Baldwin General contacted me they said this was a well designed building and I would agree. And it's frustrating when you arrive on site to see a beautifully designed building with the ugliest power and phone lines right in front of the building.... on the side of the building you most need to shoot.

To get the entire building in without the power lines was a challenge. In this case I was standing on my metal lighting case as far out in the street as I could safely be. The wind from the passing cars was a steady stream and the Fire Chief brought out a bright yellow safety vest for me to wear.

From the curving lines of the hardscaping, to the textures and complexity of structure design this was a fun building to shoot.

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