ProFiles: Bison Heart Woodworking

Client:          Bison Heart Woodworking

Industry:      Fine Art and Craft

Application: Advertising, Web and Portfolio Presentation

BisonHeart Woodworking Hand Detail

Tyson Brown is Bison Heart

Tyson loves what he does and it shows. We carried his custom coffee table into the studio and he immediately began to clean the lint and buff the finish, while I peppered him with questions about carving wood, the life of an artist and his dreams. Working for people who love what they do is my dream job. See more of his work at BisonHeart

And from Tyson, "David has a wonderful studio environment. We talked about what I was hoping to achieve and he captured my vision perfectly. As well as giving me good Ideas, I left the studio feeling inspired and motivated for future projects. I am excited for our next photo session, many thanks!!"

BisonHeart woodworking coffe table