ProFile: Art In Situ

Client: Gabe Babcock

Industry: Art

Application: Self Promotion, Documentation and Archives

The piece above, titled The Redwoods, was created for the Autumn Lights Festival in Oakland, California. " Gabe creates large scale art specifically for a certain location, which is the Latin definition of In situ. The piece above is fifteen feet in diameter, and the glass is etched with 566 growth rings. The buildings were created from salvaged redwood and illuminated with small LED lights.

Here is an excerpt from Gabe's artist statement, "Exploring the natural world around me and focusing on my role within it, I strive to illuminate the tension between nature and humans through art.... ".

It has been a visual treat for me these past few years to document most of Gabe's art installations in city and remote locations from Hood River to Oakland. Do yourself a treat and head over to his site and view his work. Be sure to watch the video showing how he etched the glass for the piece shown here.

ProFile: Are You A Spy?

Client: The Hotel Group

Industry: Hospitality

Application: Marketing, Advertising 


Waiting for the right light can some times be tedious, but not so on this pre-dawn Saturday morning. 

Approaching the marina I realized the long string of headlights were attached to large pickup trucks waiting to put the fishing boats in the water. Oh yeah - it was fall and Saturday morning on the Columbia River -- that meant Salmon fishing. 

After my tripod was set up and the geared head finely tuned to adjust for level and plumb, it was time to sip coffee and wait for the light. Fishermen have rituals and routines and watching them was great fun. They were watching me as well, chatting between boats and occasionally a curious and muffled laugh would rise above the purr of trolling motors.

An older fellow tied his boat up next to the dock I was on and started a bit of aimless chatter. Then he paused and quite solemnly said, 'We're all wondering. You've got that thing pointed at the hotel. Are you a spy?' 

I burst out laughing until I realized, he was serious!

ProFile: The Not So Boring Beetle

Client: Self Assignment

Industry: Just For Fun

Application: Amuse My Grandchildren

Banded Alder Boring Beetle

A wildlife photographer I am not. I do not have those monster long lenses nor the patience to sit and wait for hours while a critter comes to where I think it should be and pose. Kudos to those that do!!

But living on ten acres of forest with pond and pastures does mean that sometimes you just cannot ignore what happens right in front of you. From time to time I will post some of these pics.

Above are two Banned Alder Boring Beetles canoodling in my woodpile. They were delightfully oblivious to my splitting wood with mighty blasts from my eight pound splitting maul. So finally I got my camera out to enjoy the show.

This morning Lea and I were having breakfast on the deck, reading our ever-diminishing newspaper when we both said, "Sounds like raccoons around the pond." but with the next sounds of splashing and cavorting we realized our favorite creature, the otter, had arrived to cleanse our pond from crawdads. With binoculars from the deck I realized there were three. A mother and two pups. I made a few images that I will share with another pond creature in a future post. 

But this being a wildlife morning I was not done. Walking from house to studio I noticed our cat Isis, who two weeks ago seemed near death, was sitting intently below one of our plum trees. I walked over, still carrying my camera and watched her. She was so catly nonchalant even when glancing up into the tree - twice. I knew something was up. Walking closer still I noticed a little furry Townsends Chipmunk shaking terribly as it looked down on the cat waiting below.

It was my kind of ideal wildlife photo moment. Nowhere for the critter to go too, lest it become a cat-toy, so I had more than one frame to compose and focus.

Townsends Chipmunk

ProFile: Yohn Baldwin

Client:  Baldwin General Contracting Inc.

Industry:  Commercial Construction

Application:  Executive Portrait

Baldwin General Contracting is a 'rock star' company in the Mid Willamette Valley. When Yohn started his company fifteen years ago, no job was too small. Now he builds Wilco Farm Stores, banks, fire stations, libraries and projects for both UO and OSU.  BGC employs about 70 people and many more through their sub-contractors.

One of Yohn's many qualities is his straight forward and approachable nature. He is honest, direct and full of integrity. I wanted to portray an executive with those qualities who also has nowhere else to go but up. When I found the staircase in the new BGC corporate offices I new it was the right place for Yohn.  

ProFile: Inn at Morro Bay

Client: Inn at Morro Bay

Industry: Hospitality

Application: Website, Social Media, Printed Matter 

If you have ever remodeled a kitchen, you will immediately understand this post. Some times I arrive to shoot a job, which involves five cases of gear, shuttles, airplanes, rental cars and those life-saving smart carts at airports, only to find the work is not completed and there is very little I can photograph.

News Flash: Construction projects rarely finish on time!

Despite the Skilsaws, paint buckets and scissor lifts, the client deserves a few pictures somewhere, somehow. My first solution was to rent a boat and go out in the harbor to shoot the hotel from the water. This bought a little time to form a plan, which involved sending the assistant for props, food and wine. Back at the property I focused on architectural details where dust could be cleaned and clutter cleared away. We finished the day with the shot below and then of course, we ate the food and sipped the wine!

ProFile: Donna Beverly, Painter

Client: Donna Beverly

Industry: Professional Artist / Instructor

Application: Web, Social Media

While developing my HotShot HeadShot program, it occurred to me that I could use an artist's own artwork as their background. By photographing their painting as its own separate high resolution image, any size painting could become a large digital background. The concept intrigued and excited me. So when Donna Beverly signed up to have her latest paintings photographed, we discussed updating her artist portrait. She selected her painting 'Midday Breeze' and I suggested she pick clothes with colors that were found in the painting.

Like everything else with Donna, we had lots of fun making the portraits, We both cringed at how absolutely ugly the green screen background is, and then marveled once it was stripped away and the painting placed as a photoshop layer behind her.

I love making portraits of artists in their own creative workspace, and have in the past for Donna. And this option of a studio portrait with artists' painting is a great addition to my toolkit and a sweet offering for those who want high quality and great value.

ProFiles: Lea Bayles

Client: Lea Bayles 

Industry: Life Coach

Application: Web, Print and Social Media


If you are guessing this is my absolute favorite client, you would be absolutely correct. I am so grateful to be married to this talented and beautiful woman. In this picture she is going through her dawn Chi Kung routine while in Maui. The island of Lanai is pictured in the background.

Lea's passion for living a life of creative vitality is part gift and part cultivated attitudes and routines of movement and joy. In her work as a coach she helps others re-discover and nurture their own natural creative vitality.  As her 'media producer' I am lucky enough to follow her to places like this where I get to make pictures of/for her. 

ProFiles: Bosky Optics

Client: Bosky Optics

Industry: Eyewear

Application: Web, Print, Sales and Marketing


I LOVE these sunglasses! They are by far the most comfortable glasses of any kind I have worn. And they are a unique product designed and developed by two cool dudes from Oregon State University Advantage Accelerator Program, Alex Cruft and Matt Miner.

In two years time, while completing degrees at OSU, these guys started Bosky Optics to create high quality sunglasses and ski goggles with environmentally friendly resources. The glasses are made from FSC certified wood and the goggles from bioplastics.

They have artists create designs for them from all around the world that they incorporate into their products. It has been a pleasure working with them to photograph their sport eyewear. In this portrait of them I wanted to connect their edgy attitude with a framework design and convey the idea that there is no where for them to go but up!!

This is my new pair of glasses - made of Bamboo with Zeiss lenses. Wait til you see the box they come in.  BoskyOptics

This is my new pair of glasses - made of Bamboo with Zeiss lenses. Wait til you see the box they come in. BoskyOptics


ProFiles: Wolf Tree

Client: Self Assignment

Industry: Forestry, Tree Lovers Everywhere

Application: Personal, Web, Exhibition

Cardwell Hill Wolf Tree

Wolf Trees

I love that term and the wild, free ranging images it conjures up for me. There seems to be some variation of the term, but generally it has to do with large, old trees with a wide reaching canopy that shade out trees around them. 

Some times they are also called 'Pasture Trees'. When land was cleared for agriculture some times large shade trees were left for cattle or sheep. Without competition for light or other resources, the trees grew even larger and wider. Often the pastures were later abandoned and the land reverted back to forest.

The young forest growing in around The Wolf Tree was even aged, growing straight as they competed for light. In the process the old tree stood out gaining the look of a lone wolf.

Read more here: Wolf Trees    

ProFiles: Dundee Fire Station

Client: Baldwin General Contracting

Industry: Construction

Application: Web, Corporate Documentation, Editorial, 

Have you ever noticed that public safety buildings are often built of non flammable materials? There is a reason for that, and it has to do with community safety. We don't want the services that protect us to fail or be compromised by earthquake, fire or flood. Most of the time that means boring, but substantial architecture.

When Baldwin General contacted me they said this was a well designed building and I would agree. And it's frustrating when you arrive on site to see a beautifully designed building with the ugliest power and phone lines right in front of the building.... on the side of the building you most need to shoot.

To get the entire building in without the power lines was a challenge. In this case I was standing on my metal lighting case as far out in the street as I could safely be. The wind from the passing cars was a steady stream and the Fire Chief brought out a bright yellow safety vest for me to wear.

From the curving lines of the hardscaping, to the textures and complexity of structure design this was a fun building to shoot.

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ProFiles: Linda Van Powell

Client:           Civic Outreach, Inc.

Industry:       B2B Communications and Networking

Application: Portrait used on Holiday Card to thank clients for support.


When you first meet Linda Van Powell you are delightfully swept into her energy field of warmth and positivity. She wanted a portrait expressing her passion for Corvallis and gratitude for her clients.

It was a really fun photo shoot with, of course, a surprise or two. The blustery cold December evening ran counter to the feeling we wanted of warmth and welcome... but somehow she pulled it off! Also the deep winter light was a little more crisp than I wanted. We quickly made a large scrim from rolling racks and tablecloths. I love working on location because it always presents opportunities for creative thinking.

Many thanks to The VUE for loaning the use of their beautiful balcony!